I Love You Steve Jobs, Even Though You Didn’t Support Blu-Ray

Yes another blog posts about the death of Apple Icon Steve Jobs.  Since we don’t yet know the details of how he died we can assume that it has to do with his 2004 diagnosis of Pancreatic cancer.  Even thought he hid it well, the resignation of his post as CEO of Apple in August should have givin’ us a clue that his health may be worse than what it appears to have been. 

So this is my send off to Mr. Jobs, Thank You for all of your passion and innovations you gave to the world.  My days are greatly improved due to your masterful thinking.  I now must upgrade my phone to the iPhone 4S. Thank You Steve, Thank You!!!!

Even though Blu-Ray is not in the future for Apple computers, this burning geek must respect the thinking and find new ways to adapt to the future of physical storage.  Is there even a future for physical storage?  Will Blu-Ray stick it out for the long haul?  Only time will tell and the consumers will tell us what they want.  Hopefully some of the thinking that Steve Jobs did has rubbed off on others at Apple and they will create the next gadget that we didn’t know that we needed.

I will remember the man every night as I am using my iPad. I will remember the man everyday when I use my iPhone, I will remember the man everytime I am jogging with my iPod, I will remember the man evertime I hear a new song and only want to pay $1.29 for it, I will remember the man everytime I am at the mall and pass the Apple store, I will remember the man everytime I stream a movie from my Apple TV……  Wow I never realized how much of an impact Steve Jobsreally made on my life. Amazing! 

RIP  Steve Jobs  you will be missed.

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