Time to Upgrade from DVD? Best Features of Blu-Ray

Your New DVD Looks Like a Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray players have really come in to their own in the past few years. Blu-Ray technology provides the best sound and picture quality of any media format on the market.



In spite of the great leap forward that Blu-Ray represents, there are still a good number of people who haven’t made the transition from traditional DVD players to the Blu-Ray format. Perhaps you are one of these holdouts or know someone who is. If so, read on to learn why the best time for upgrading from DVD to Blu-Ray is now. And why upgrading your DVD software to Blu-Ray is needed.

One of the prime reasons that DVD users may have held back on immediately upgrading to Blu-Ray is the newness of the Blu-Ray format. As with any new technology, it takes time to transition from the old to the new. Fortunately, this transition period is now officially over. Every new movie that is released for the home market is now available on Blu-Ray. As time goes by and more people adopt Blu-Ray players as the new standard movie-watching medium, fewer movies will be released on DVD at all.

Just as VHS faded away, so might DVDs. But with like all previous formats you can always convert old to new such as VHS to DVD and DVD to Blu-Ray.

HDTV and Blu-Ray Were Made For Each Other

The best reason to upgrade from DVD to Blu-Ray is that Blu-ray allows for films to be seen on HDTVs in supremely higher quality. HDTVs are capable of outputting far more impressive images and sounds than ordinary DVD players are able to handle. Connecting an old fashioned DVD player to a modern HD television severely limits image quality as well as sound quality. Switching to Blu-Ray from DVD enables viewers to watch films in the way which they were intended to be watched; in full glorious high definition.

Furthermore, recording High Definition content takes up more space than a DVD can handle. Just one HD movie can fill several DVD-R discs. Recordable BD-R media can store much more content on one disc than any ordinary DVD can. However there are new software solutions available that can convert a Blu-Ray to DVD in the .AVCHD format which is a video container that hold the same HD video quality found on Blu-Ray discs but in a compressed format.

Blu-Ray Costs Are Falling

BLu-Ray PlayerAnother reason why it’s a great time to switch from DVD to Blu-Ray is cost. Blu-Ray players have never been cheaper. In many cases, new Blu-Ray players are cheaper than DVD players ever were. For those consumers for whom cost is an important factor, there has never been a better time to buy a Blu-Ray player.

The Blu-Ray technology has been around long enough for the average price to have evened out to an affordable level. Another impressive feature of modern Blu-Ray players is that they have features that DVD players simply can’t hope to match. A Blu-Ray disc holds approximately five times the amount of information as a DVD and may be increasing to 25X the size of DVD.

Simply put, this means that Blu-Ray content can be far more expansive than what an ordinary DVD can hold. Movie, television and music creators are taking advantage of this by filling their Blu-Ray releases with exclusive content not found on any DVDs, like director's cuts, trailers and much more. Other special features include internet connectivity, which allows for content to be updated over the Web, or for real-time connections of exclusive video games.

This advanced functionality simply was not available during the DVD era. Blu-Ray hosts a wealth of similar advances for optimizing the media experience.

Considerations Regarding An Extensive DVD Collection

Of course, switching over to a new format can mean having to buy new versions of old movies. For people with extensive DVD collections, this can be an expensive prospect. Fortunately, modern Blu-Ray players can play older DVDs as well. In fact, in many cases, Blu-Ray players actually improve the quality of the DVDs that they play. For people with large collections of DVDs, switching to Blu-Ray is a seamless experience. For viewing pleasure, media availability and value, switching to Blu-Ray from DVD has never been more appealing.

The current generation of Blu-Ray has outmet any reasons for sticking with DVD technology. Blu-Ray simply has so much more to offer now than DVD, and it will only continue to get better.

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