Pioneer BDR-XD04 - The Smallest Blu-Ray Burner

Pioneer BDR XD04

Pioneer has set out to offer PC and Mac users on the go a lightweight and slim offering of a new Blu-Ray burner dubbed the BDR-XD04.


This unit weight less that 8.5 oz and is slightly larger than a CD clamshell.  To be released in mid January 2012 the Blu-Ray drive will be sold for around $150 and will allow users to burn Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD discs.  Because it is using USB 2.0 there is no need to carry around and extra brick known as a power supply since the drive draws its power from the USB port.

  The limitation of this is that BD writing is capped at 6x due to the write speed allowed by USB 2.0. The BDR-XD04 will support all current format types including quad layer BD-R discs that hold up to 128GB of data as well as standard 25 and 50GB BD-R and 25GB BD-RW.  Both DVD formats are supported (+ and -) as well as the original CD-R.

  This is a must have drive for those that are still using Netbooks and for those that want to upgrade to newer laptops that don't have an optical drive.  Macbook and Mac Air owners will be pleased that they can write to Blu-Ray too. What do you think of the new BDR-XD04 from Pioneer. Will you be picking one up when they come out? Also view the announcement of Pioneers BDR S07 Blu-Ray drive.

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