Pioneer BDR-S07 BDXL Blu-Ray Burner Announcement


Many are quick to give up on the optical disc as a hardware device for the PC.  While this may be true for most of us there are still plenty of uses for Blu-Ray as a viable medium to store your data and to watch true 1080p video.  With this said Pioneer is still leading the charge with Blu-Ray hardware and with the announcement of their new BDR-S07 BDXL drive they are not giving up just yet.

What is BDXL?

Most of us don't even know that Blu-Ray discs are also called BD for short right?  Okay I do but my parents didn't know that nor do they really care.  So if you hear the term BDXL you would assume that it meant an extra large Blu Ray right?  Well actually you are.  A BDXL is the same size as a traditional CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc but it will hold up to 128GB of data.

So yes it is possible to backup your entire music and movie collection onto one disc.  But just know that this format has not really taken off so the prices for this type of media is still in the $75 range each.  This drive will be useful for anyone that want to upgrade to Blu-Ray on the PC or Mac because now you will be able to take advantage of that HD monitor that you have and experience true 1080p video from it.

The Pioneer BDR-S07 can burn to BD-R media using a reliable BDR burning software up to 12x speed which is nice because you can burn a full 25GB in about 10 minutes.  In addition it will also burn DVD up to 16x and CD up to 40x.  If you live in Japan you will have the first crack at this drive. For those of us in Europe, Australia, or the good ol USA we will need to wait until later 2012 to drive this unit.  But once we get one in our labs we will be sure to put it through it's paces.

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