Use a Blu Ray Copier Software to Make Duplication Easier

If you need to make multiple copies of Blu Ray discs then using the best software to do so is critical. Well at least it will make the task much easier. Blue Cloner is a Blu-Ray copier application capable of removing unwanted features from the movies. The program allows customizing settings when ripping and burning, controlling the compression rate and several other tweaks.  

Blue Cloner works as a great Blu-Ray DVD back-up software as well. Thanks to this program you will be able to copy content from Blu-Ray discs at perfect 1:1 quality and watch it whenever you want.

Choosing the Right Blu-Ray Software Will Make Duplicating a Breeze

Blue-Cloner is a program which works very fast thanks to the built-in HST. Its speed is incredibly fast not only compared to other programs, but also to former Blue-Cloner versions. Version 3 of the software is advertised to be working 500% faster than before.

If you want to copy movies only from a Blu-Ray disc, Blue-Cloner is the perfect software app for you. It allows you to remove unwanted features, such as cut scenes, menus and even prohibition messages which are digitally entitled on the production.

The quality of the results are great as well. This application is a great compression tool and it completes the ripping and burning processes without any video pixelation. It is also able to split a complete Blu-Ray movie to two blank BDRs of 25G, therefore managing to save valuable disc space.

Copyrighted Material – Stay Away

This Blu-Ray copier software can also duplicate copyrighted movies and place them on your hard disk, but can also do it the other way around. Blue Cloner can copy a movie form your hard drive to a Blu-Ray disc and lets you select the encoding format (with mpeg2 and h264 among other choices), define the length of each chapter and adjust the compression rate of the special features.

As stated before, this software works very well as a back-up software piece. If you have a movie on a Blu-Ray disc, this application can back it up for you on your hard drive, so you can enjoy watching it later on. The results are error free and the quality of the movies is excellent. To ensure no errors happened during the burning process, the program verifies data after the copying completes. When complete the software will also shut down your computer after completing the process if you wish so.

The exported results can also be played on devices such as Sony PlayStation 3. However, several customers told the exported Blu-Ray movies can only be played on a computer using PowerDVD, but this also depends on what kind of operating system the users run. Moreover, each computer configuration is different and everyone installs their favorite media applications, so the backed-up movies can surely be played with other programs as well.

The interface of the program is simple, user-friendly and is easy to use for everybody, regardless of their computer skills. There are more interfaces the user can choose from. Most of the actions are done step by step and it is not difficult at all to follow the guidelines.

Windows Systems Supported

The last version of the software manufactured by Open Cloner Inc., Blue Cloner 3, is certified for Windows 7, so it will also work very well on Windows Vista, though the systems were built on different kernels. Support for Windows XP is available too. The developer suggests having at least 2GB of RAM and 50GB free hard disk space. They also recommend having a NTFS partition. Open Cloner Inc. suggests having an NVIDIA video card for better results and working on a computer powered up by a fast processor.

The program can be purchased from the MSRP of $59.99 from the vendors website, but you can find current discount codes for Blue-Cloner 3 here.  If you are not sure about buying the product, you can go on the official web site and download a demo version.


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