Blu Ray Burning on Windows 7 Just Got Buggy

Will there be a patch for Blu-Ray in Windows?

If you have not heard about or experienced the burning bug the was recently discovered in Windows 7 then read on.




Many users have sent support tickets and have been flodding Microsofts ticket center with issues relating while burning to Blu-Ray disc using the built in burning feature that is integrated into Windows 7.


The bug has been acknowledged and confirmed by Microsoft and they have just released a support doc that addresses this issue.  Basically this doc just confirms the bug and does not offer a patch or workaround at this time, in fact there is not even a glimmer of hope that this will even be addressed at all. The only advice we are given is to not try to burn more that 22GB of data to a single layer BD-R and no more than 45Gb to a dual layer BD-R.

So if you plan on taking advantage of Microsoft's built in burning function instead on investing in a better Blu Ray burning software such as Roxio, Nero, or the like then just don't try to fill up all 25GB of disc space.

  But if you like to capitalize on all available 1's and 0's on a blank disc then take a look at the more popular Blu-Ray disc burning applications currently available. Let us know what you think of Microsoft's answer to this issue in the comments below. 

Does it really matter?  Should Microsoft fully support features that they add to Windows?  Or should we be more concerned about the US government not defaulting on the trillions owed?  I dunno, let me know what you use to burn Blu Ray discs. :)

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