ArcSoft Total Media Extreme 2 Review

ArcSoft Total Media Extreme 2 is a high-quality Blu-Ray player software that allows customers to port video files for devices such as iPods, iPhones or PSP and to edit and author videos and music. The program is well known all over the world and due to its increased popularity you will have to pay for it a bit more than for a normal Blu-Ray PC software, but it will pay off. The application is actually a software suite which does way more than just playing a Blu-Ray video.


Total Media Playback Plus

Total Media Extreme 2 offers the ultimate high-definition movie experience. Not only it can play commercial and homemade DVD movies through its Total Media Theatre 3, the program can also play Blu-Ray disc formats in high definition MPEG-2, AVC, VC1, AVCHD and others. It supports also other kinds of HG content such as WMV HD, QuickTime HD, DivX HD and H.265 HD.

There is also support for 1280 x 720 (720p) and 1920 x 1080 (1080p) videos. Total Media Theatre 3 plays videos in excellent quality and supports features such as Noise Reduction, Video Test and Film test with many of the well-known graphic cards on the market. The program offers high hardware compatibility and works smooth with processors from Intel and with graphic cards from NVIDIA and ATI. The customers are guaranteed smooth and colorful playback quality; the application scored excellent ratings on the HQV test.

High Def Audio Supported

In regard with the sound, Theatre 3 supports the latest Dolby Surround, but also Digital 5.1 (AC03) and DTS Surround Sensation virtual speaker. The applications of the Total Media Extreme 2 are compatible with Windows Media Center and can be plugged-in and connected to Microsoft’s application. Thus a DVD decoder plugin is not necessary. You have an automatic full screen mode and compatibility with Windows Media Center remote control, so you will be able to enjoy watching a movie from the comfort of your couch.


Create HD Movies

Another application of the suite is the Total Media Studio 3. With this program customers are able to create HD Blu-Ray movie discs. They have a large library of customized menus and scene selectors and can capture, edit and author slideshows or home movies. The processes are easy to handle, thanks to the step-by-step guidelines you get. Content can be burned to Blu-Ray discs, AVCHD or simple DVDs.

ArcSoft Showbiz 3.5 allows editing and sharing home movies. The program can be used to capture and edit home movies by merging videos, photos and music together with transition effects. Videos can also be trimmed with Showbiz 3.5 and you can also add soundtrack and personalize the movie by adding a logo, title and credit screens.

The output content can be converted to most of the portable devices on the market, such as the ones manufactured by Apple or PSP, PS3 and Xbox360. The movies can also be uploaded and shared to YouTube directly from Showbiz 3.5.

Data Backup Plus

Another applications of the whole suite are the Back up & Record and Utilities 2 which can help customers to archive data, rip and create audio CDs and duplicate discs. The program can back up any data you want, from your Internet Explorer favorites to e-mail messages and music. All of this is done within few steps and copying to CD, DVD or BD takes few minutes for this program. The application can be purchased for $129.99 from ArcSoft’s webpage and you can download a trial version of the application if you want to try it before you make the purchase. It may be a high price, but as I said before, this is not a normal Blu-Ray player software. This is a great multimedia suite that will always come in handy.


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